Rehoboth voters deserve action and openness


Gary Glass


July 13, 2018


I am the only candidate for commissioner in Rehoboth who has been talking about my specific positions in the current campaign, and the actions I would work toward, because I believe the voters deserve to make a clear and informed choice.


For one thing, I have emphasized my commitment to protecting our neighborhoods from commercialization by investors, while the other candidates remain silent on this critical problem. If elected, and building on what other resort towns are doing across the country, I will urgently press the mayor and other commissioners to ensure that residential zoning is for residential living in Rehoboth, while preserving the traditions of the summer rental season.

Two other core principles of mine are open government and citizen involvement. We are blessed that people in Rehoboth are so well informed, and willing to give their time and their views to make this city even better. As a member of the Boardwalk and Beach Committee, I have seen the real impact that homeowners and business people can have simply by voicing their concerns about issues, from trash and cleanliness to bicycle safety. But this requires a culture in government that is inclusive and receptive to this valuable citizen input.


It was very disappointing when the mayor changed the format of public meetings to restrict public comment to only the beginning of the meetings, disallowing comment when an agenda topic was up for discussion by the commissioners. Moreover, too many important issues are being discussed behind the scenes, and the meeting materials are not consistently available online before public meetings.

We should be doing much more to encourage citizen input, and providing much greater access to information than just the bare minimum required by law. Timely and informed public input is vital to good decision-making in government.

 am asking for your vote Aug. 11 for action and openness. For more information about my campaign, please visit www.glassforcommissioner.org.

Gary Glass
Candidate, Rehoboth Beach Board of Commissioners