Rehoboth needs action to protect neighborhoods


Gary Glass


July 27, 2018


While campaigning this summer to be elected commissioner in Rehoboth, I've heard a lot of support for my platform to protect our residential neighborhoods from the increasing trend of investor-owned, commercial short-term rental properties.


A few people have objected to protecting our homeowners, always with the same talking points: "This ship has sailed in Rehoboth" and "There is no turning back the tide of investment money that is snapping up homes" - usually through LLCs, to rent by the night, all year long.


I disagree. There are many in Rehoboth who feel our residential neighborhoods should not be a commercial enterprise, and short-term visitors should utilize our legitimate hotels and B&Bs.


I have studied what other resort communities are doing to manage this trend which is destroying residential communities. From Miami Beach to New Orleans to Santa Monica, where nonresident investors are more powerful than in little Rehoboth Beach, elected officials are standing up to take strong action to protect their residents and enforce the longstanding purpose and intent of residential zoning. We can do the same in Rehoboth.


The same people who say “This ship has sailed in Rehoboth” also supported giving LLCs the right to vote, claiming it wouldn’t make much difference because there aren’t that many LLC properties anyway. Both things cannot be true. The threat to our residential neighborhoods is real, and it is not too late to take strong action.


I hope that voters are learning that I am informed on the issues, open to hearing all sides, and committed to practical, actionable solutions. I invite you to send me an email at garyinrehoboth@gmail.com, and I will happily meet with you to discuss your thoughts about Rehoboth and the election.


I am asking for your vote Aug. 11. For more information, please visit www.glassforcommissioner.org.


Gary Glass
Candidate, Rehoboth Beach Commission