Thanks for checking out my platform.  More than fifteen years ago, I started getting involved in civic issues in Rehoboth Beach at the urging of my neighbor on Country Club Drive, former Planning Commissioner Joanne Hess.  Joanne really impressed upon me the importance of protecting the best of Rehoboth's small-town charm, not only for the visitors, but also for those for who call Rehoboth their home or their second home. I have been a Board member of the Country Club Estates Property Owners Association working to improve my neighborhood and the City for more than 10 years. Below are just a few of the positions that I will work hard to achieve if I am elected Commissioner.

 My positions

  • Protect neighborhoods

    • Residential zoning is for residential living. Seasonal rentals are one thing; year-round commercial mini-hotels do not belong.

  • Support our local businesses

    • The diversity of small, local businesses in our downtown is integral to the small-town charm of Rehoboth Beach. But these small businesses face rising rents from the commercial landlords, and brutal competition from the big retailers on Route 1 and from Amazon online. The City needs to develop a downtown plan, together with the Chamber of Commerce, to promote and encourage our small, local businesses. 

  • Fiscal responsibility

    • It is crucial to pay down the City debts, provide close oversight of the multi-million dollar annual budget, and ensure good long-range capital improvement planning.

  • Equitable taxes and fees

    • Everyone should participate in funding Rehoboth services. Why are rates  going way up for residents and visitors, but not for the wealthy commercial landlords?

  • Reasonable, effective ordinances

    • Promote well-maintained homes and businesses by updating ordinances to include reasonable requirements and fees.

  • Open government

    • Citizens should have timely, easy online access to information such as building permits, variances, and rental licenses. City meetings should be open to the public.

  • Citizen involvement & inclusion

    • Encourage and respect diversity of views, backgrounds and input in government committees and meetings.

  • No LLC voting!

    • I support amendments to the City Charter so that secretive corporations do not vote in any City elections. People should vote, not secret LLCs.