Letters to the Editor

June 20, 2018


As I have been campaigning for commissioner in Rehoboth Beach, a lot of people have asked about my platform for reasonable, effective ordinances and balanced taxes and fees.


With ordinances, it should be easier for homeowners, landlords, and business people to maintain and beautify their properties and have successful businesses. This requires updating some of the ordinances, such as building permits and the tree ordinance. Without lowering our standards, we can do a lot to make the rules easier to understand, to simplify and expedite the approval processes, and to ensure predictability and fairness in outcomes.


This also means addressing perceptions of unfair "pay-to-play" in which most of us follow the rules but some people are treated differently, if they have money to appeal and sue for a confidential settlement with the city. If we do not like the rules then we should look at changing them through the legislative process of the Mayor and Commissioners. We should not be making exceptions for some.


Regarding taxes and fees, if the city needs to look for revenues to provide the higher levels of service that our homeowners, visitors and business people are asking for, then that should be done in a way that is fair and balanced for all who use these services. For example, people are surprised to learn that Rehoboth Beach charges no city tax on hotel rooms, whereas Bethany Beach charges a 3.25% tax. We need to look at these issues with an open mind when discussing operating revenue for Rehoboth Beach.


I am asking for your vote on August 11. For more information about my positions, please visit glassforcommissioner.org.

Gary Glass