Letters to the Editor

June 6, 2018


l am writing to introduce myself to the voters of the City of Rehoboth Beach. l am running this summer for the Board of Commissioners. The election will be held on August 11.


Let me begin by expressing my sincere appreciation and respect for the great work of the departing commissioners, Patrick Gossett and Jay Lagree. For nearly two decades, Patrick has been a towering figure in Rehoboth government, building an impressive legacy through three terms on the Board of Commissioners, and before that, serving on the Planning Commission. Jay joined the Board of Commissioners last year after many years of service on the Audit Committee. All of us in Rehoboth owe a lot to both Patrick and Jay, and I would be humbled to follow in their footsteps.


We face many critical issues in Rehoboth, and there will be time to discuss all of them during the campaign this summer. My guiding principle is straightforward: Rehoboth's primary and secondary homeowners—those who regularly sleep in their Rehoboth homes—should have the greatest control over their destiny, quality of life, financial security and property values. I respect and support our business community and visitors, but we must not neglect the needs and concerns of our homeowners.


I have been a homeowner and part-time resident in Rehoboth for almost 20 years, and a board member of the Country Club Estates HOA for more than 10 years. During this time, I have been a strong advocate for preserving our residential neighborhoods in Rehoboth. I am dedicated to inclusive, transparent, accountable and fiscally responsible City government.


Over my 30-year career, using my education in accounting and finance, I worked as a cost accounting analyst, the director of finance for two non-profit associations, and in accounting, IT and project management with a private finance company. I will bring my financial and management experience to the critical budgeting, oversight and long-term planning responsibilities of the Board of Commissioners in Rehoboth Beach.


I look forward to a great summer meeting with as many of the voters as I can around town, and hearing about your concerns. Please feel free to reach out to me at garyinrehoboth@gmail.com. I respectfully ask for your support.

Gary Glass