Glass: Others following my lead in Rehoboth


Gary Glass 


August 7, 2018


It was gratifying to read in last Friday's Cape Gazette that one of the other candidates for commissioner in Rehoboth has adopted my platform for protecting our residential neighborhoods against commercialization and nightly rentals.


Likewise, at the candidate forum two weeks ago, the two other candidates followed my lead in announcing their opposition to LLC voting. I am the independent candidate who is taking stands that others follow.


I have run a clean campaign with integrity, while someone else is sending anonymous letters that violate state election laws. I have called on the other candidates to renounce these illegal tactics by their supporters.


With 30 years of work experience in accounting and finance, I will be a watchdog for the taxpayers. I am not beholden to real estate interests.


I am asking for your vote on Aug. 11. For more information, please visit glassforcommissioner.org.


Gary Glass 
Candidate, Rehoboth Beach commission