Glass outlines campaign priorities for Rehoboth


Gary Glass 

July 12, 2019


My campaign for commissioner in Rehoboth Beach is about having an honest discussion of what Rehoboth’s homeowners and businesses should know about to make informed decisions when it comes to preserving the charm and beauty of our neighborhoods and our business community, strengthening our public services, and maintaining a healthy, clean environment:


Fiscal responsibility: The city is nearly maxed-out to the legal debt limit, which is $75 million, but major work is needed on the capital infrastructure, including stormwater, wastewater and streets. We need to work smart as a city, by controlling our spending, prioritizing our capital improvement needs, and working through these projects - not just talking about them. Currently, Rehoboth is not effectively executing our capital improvement plan.


Fair treatment: New projects are popping up all over Rehoboth, and developers are bombarding the city with demands to waive and bend the rules, and with lawsuits. We need commissioners who will apply the rules properly and fairly to everyone. If there is a problem with a rule - and Rehoboth has many laws that need improvement - then the commissioners should change the rule, instead of granting waivers to some.


Transparency: Our city government should be open, honest and competitive. I will work to ensure that the city follows all FOIA requirements, ethics laws, and contracting guidelines. No more backroom deals and no-bid contracts.


Unite our community: The job of a commissioner is to build consensus around the needs and priorities of the city. People are exhausted from all the fighting in recent years about crazy ideas like LLC voting. We need to focus on unifying the community to make real progress on basic services and critical infrastructure.


I have been a homeowner in Rehoboth for almost 20 years. I have had a 30-year career in accounting, IT services and management, working in medium-sized, nationwide businesses. I have degrees in both accounting and finance.


I have been treasurer of the Country Club Estates Property Owners’ Association in Rehoboth for many years, and I am a member of the city’s Beach and Boardwalk Committee. With my long involvement in our community, I bring a wealth of experience and knowledge about what is working well and what needs improvement in Rehoboth.


Please let me hear from you by email at garyinrehoboth@gmail.com and please visit my website: glassforcommissioner.org. Your views are important to me, and I respectfully ask for your support.

Gary Glass 
candidate, Rehoboth Beach commissioner