Welcome to my website!  I am petitioning to be a candidate in the August 10, 2019 election for Commissioner of the City of Rehoboth Beach. 


I am committed to working for you to preserve our small-town charm in Rehoboth.  This includes protecting our residential neighborhoods from over-development, as well as promoting and encouraging the small, local businesses in downtown Rehoboth Beach. Please check out the rest of this website for more information about me and my positions on the issues.

Did you know that all homeowners in the City of Rehoboth Beach are eligible to vote in city elections - even if you are not a resident?  Registering to vote in Rehoboth elections will not change your voter registration for federal and state elections.  Simply stop by City Hall with your photo ID by Thursday, July 11, 2019.  It's easy and just takes a few minutes.  Tell your friends and neighbors!

I need your vote.  Please encourage others to vote.  Every vote counts!  Together, we can make a difference, but only if YOU vote.  I promise that I will work as hard as I can for my positions and the betterment of Rehoboth Beach.  Please!  Take the time to REGISTER by July 11 and to VOTE on August 10, either in-person or by absentee ballot. Thank you!

                                                                                   Gary Glass

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